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Residents of the San Diego region know how much we rely today on the constant presence of hot water in our homes for baths, showers, laundry, dishwashing, and cooking–for both comfort and sanitary reasons. The varieties of makes and models of the water heaters that provide us with such a modern convenience appear to be endless. Most are familiar with the standard boilers or water heater tanks in many homes today. What is a tankless water heater, and does it have any benefits over the conventional kind?

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater differs from its traditional counterparts in that it does not store a steady supply of hot water for minutes or hours on end. The heating of the water takes place immediately at the moment the water is required with the use of a heat exchanger. When a homeowner switches on a hot water spigot, or when an appliance requires heated water, the tankless heater recognizes the need and releases the water through the heat exchanger, quickly heating it. The tankless water heater powers down again once the user shuts the water off.

What are the Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater?

Because the tankless water heater unit shuts on and off only as water is needed, it can eventually save a homeowner a lot of money–as much as 40 percent–on utility bills.

Not only are tankless water heaters energy efficient, they’re also environmentally friendly to operate. With a conventional tank water heater, energy is expended to keep the water warm in the tank in between uses. Tankless water heaters eliminate wasted energy by heating water only as needed.

Some older models of water heater tanks were known to take up plenty of space, especially if they included a second overflow tank. For residents who are limited on space and therefore conscious of needing every precious square foot, a tankless water heater could be ideal. No additional space is required.

Homeowners need no longer worry about using up all the hot water and waiting for more to generate. Thanks to the heat exchanger, tankless water heaters can supply any demand for hot water on the spot–meaning washing clothes, bathing, and running the dishwasher can all be accomplished simultaneously for the length of time needed to complete the tasks without ever running out of hot water.

As a resident of the San Diego area, if your water supply is just not what you think it should be, consider a tankless water heater. The trained plumbing specialists at 1-800-anytyme are certified to repair or install all makes and models of water heaters, tankless and conventional. A-rated and BBB accredited, 1-800-anytyme is available 24-7 for all your plumbing emergency needs. Call us today at (760) 477-0072.

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