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Problems with a Cracked Toilet

Many San Diego and southern California residents can sympathize with the troubles a cracking toilet can potentially cause. The problem starts off small but, if left un-repaired, eventually turns into a plumbing nightmare. Nothing is more frustrating than an unusable toilet.

Toilet cracks occur for a variety of reasons and in several locations. They can develop slowly over time or very quickly depending on the cause, which can range from wildly fluctuating temperature differences to rough handling during manufacture or initial installation (various parts like bolts or handles being secured too tightly). How to fix a cracking toilet also depends on where it lies in relation to the line of water.

If the crack is located in an area that is not being fed with water, you can usually just watch to see that the fissure doesn’t grow larger in the future. But when the issue begins to cause a water leak, repair or complete replacement of your toilet is necessary. The worst case scenario could be a thoroughly broken-apart toilet, resulting in flooding and widespread leakage as well as large-scale harm to your bathroom flooring. Cracks appearing on the outside of the bowl or tank are many times only on the surface and can be repaired with porcelain sealant or epoxy; however, cracks inside the bowl or tank are indicative of a growing problem and require more extensive repair.

Inside the Tank

The width of the crack will most likely dictate your course of action. As a rule of thumb, if the crack is over 1/16 inch wide, it’s wise to purchase and install an entirely new tank. Repairing a crack in the tank (especially if it extends below the level of the tank water) with sealant usually requires draining the tank/toilet for at least a day.

Inside the Bowl

Cracks inside the bowl are identifiable by outside (though not always visible) floor leakage, which usually occurs when the toilet is being flushed. As long as the fissure is above the level of the toilet bowl water, it can sometimes be watched to ensure that it’s not growing bigger. But once the crack in the bowl becomes clearly seen and is lower than the toilet bowl water level, the only option is to replace the toilet.

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