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Household pipesHomeowners, after a period of time, understand the annoyance of experiencing a drain obstruction. Some are pretty easy to fix–a clogged toilet or shower drain–others, not so much. The deeper the clog develops, the more impossible it is to reach, and when the clog occurs in your sewer system or deep within your home’s plumbing, a plumbing specialist or professional equipment for a drain cleaning may be required.

Over time, sewer pipes sometimes collect a whole mess of things within them, like tree branches and roots, scale build-up, debris, and grease. Depending on the situation, instead of the need to replace an entire pipe (a costly repair), the sewer system could benefit more from a thorough cleaning. Plumbing specialists use the method of hydro jetting with the pressure of water at an extremely high rate to force all that junk out of drainage systems and sewer lines.

The pressure at which the hydro jetting equipment sprays the water can reach as high as 35,000 PSI. For a common clog, a plumbing snake, cable, or drain cleaning solution might provide a temporary solution (and limited scope), but hydro jetting clears the entire system. The method is powerful enough to restore the pipes in the system to their original, pre-installation cleanness. Tree roots are notoriously the most difficult item to remove and are no problem for the hydro jetting method.

At one time, the usual method of deep-cleaning pipes (especially those composed of copper, galvanized steel, or PEX) was to insert a hole at the point of obstruction and scoop the pipe clean. Hydro jetting prevents unnecessary risk to the piping system itself and reaches those places that the former method could not. The hydro jet hose is usually self-propelled and, once inserted into the drain, will go to work with the most effective cleaning procedure available. It is, in most cases, reserved for the most serious of back-ups when repeated attempts at unclogging the drain or area of piping haven’t been successful. No matter the circumference of the pipe, hydro jetting equipment can be refitted to fit into smaller or larger spaces depending on the need. Every size pipe can be cleaned, and because of the flexibility of the hose can bend and move with the individual piping system.

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