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Why changing your air filter is essential to your AC unit


San Diego AC MaintenanceWhen it comes to the quality of air in your home, there really is nothing more important than changing the air filter in a timely manner. The air filter is inexpensive and you can purchase a pack of the right air filter size for just a handful of dollars. The problem though is many people do not change their air filters on time, which can cause some rather significant problems in the quality of the air. It is an easy just, you just need to make sure you do it. This way, you never have to worry about the quality of your air ever again.

Over time, dust, dander and other debris is going to stick to the air filter. As this happens it can cause a few different problems in regards to your forced air system. First, it backs up the filter, which forces the AC or heater to work harder in order to push through the desired temperature of air. Because the equipment has to work harder, it is going to significantly increase the cost of your energy bills. With this increase in price, you might end up spending a few hundred dollars extra annually, all because you did not change out the air filters in a timely manner.

San Deigo Air Filter ReplacementAnother side effect of not changing the air filters in a timely manner is dust and dander starts to pass through the filter and into the air system. So, this dust is going to eventually push into the air, which is not good for anyone with allergies. This can be a problem as it causes extreme breathing conditions, and even for people who do not have allergies, simply breathing in a continual flow of dander and dust can cause some negative breathing issues.

As the dust starts to clog up inside of the air filter, it is eventually going to stick to the inside of the air system as well. Whether this is the vents or just the air ducts, it reduces the quality of the air and the efficiency of the air even after you change out the air filter. You should not feel a lingering effect of the air filters for not changing it on time. It is an easy task that you can do, as you do not need to do any special adjustments. You just need to slide out the old air filter and insert the new one.

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