So you are invited to another housewarming party, but this time you don’t want to bring the traditional flower pot or yard gnome as a gift. Like the rest of the society you are learning the importance of living a green lifestyle and know it is time to share the knowledge. What better way then to spread the word than to get your friends an environmentally friendly housewarming gift to kick off the beginning of their new lives?

Some of the most common types of gifts have an earth friendly sister. If you find a gift idea, don’t just run to the checkout to close the purchase. Compare the product labels. Shop around at well known green stores for the same item, but made earth friendly. 

Inside-the-Home Gifts:

  1.  Bamboo Towels- made with biodegradable bamboo. Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. The bamboo provides natural anti-bacterial agent and is often softer to the touch than regular cotton towels. 
  2.  Reusable Coffee Thermoses- made with a double interior wall to keep drink hot. The silicone lid eliminates splashing.
  3.  Food Basket- made with woven leaves or rope, or carved from wood. Fill with fruits and tea.
  4.  Eco-Friendly Bags- made with organic cotton, and recycled materials. A current top fashion rave.

Around-the-House Gifts

  1.  Organic Cleaning Products- made with natural oils mixed with other solvents. You can make an arrangement of soaps, sprays, and lotions.
  2.  Self-Powered Flashlight- light generated from the energy of shaking the flashlight. A common product, but very useful.
  3.  Electric Consumption Power Monitor- used to monitor the total amount of energy used throughout the home. The device even helps you be aware of what is unplugged and turned off.

There are plenty of organic solutions to nearly any gift idea you may have. Showing up to your friends housewarming party with your arms full of earth friendly products helps spread the knowledge of the importance of environmental awareness. This is the best time to change the habit of common boring gifts and really stand out of the crowd.