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The Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter in a Timely Manner


Air FilterWhile it seems incredibly easy, few individuals actually change our their air filter on a timely manor. In fact, most individuals seem to stretch out the air filter for as long as possible. The air filter, after all, is just a small insert that sits next to the furnace and AC unit, so what is the big deal about this blue, fuzzy obtect? Well, the big deal is that changing it once a month is not only going to improve the air quality inside of the house, but it also is going to reduce the amount of money you have to pay on monthly utility bills.

As the air filter starts to collect dust, dirt and other debris, two different things are going to happen. First, some of this debris is going to start passing through the filter. This is then sent directly into the airflow and out through the vents. This is the air you are breathing, so should individuals inside of the house suffer from allergies, especially to dust, the reduce air quality is going to significantly hinder them while inside of the house. For someone who is allergic to pets, as long as the pets are not properly cared for in terms of their hair and dander, this danger and hair is going to make its way into every single room of the house because of the air flow, which is not good.

The second issue that occurs is your furnace and AC unit have to now work harder than ever before. With the dust blocking up the air flow, the furnace and other equipment have to work twice as hard in order to send the treated air through the vents. By working harder, your utility bills can go up drastically, all costing you more money than necessary. All of this can be avoided by simply changing out your filters. The filters are going to have an exact timeline for how long it is able to last inside of your furnace. You need to always follow this timeline, otherwise your entire house is going to suffer, including everyone living inside of it.

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