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HVAC Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

Every pet owner knows that their beloved pet has dander. Even breeds that don’t shed will have dander. Below are tips for pet owners that you can take to help your HVAC system work as efficiently as possible.

Steps You Can Take

Tips for Bulldog Owners

  1. Bathe and Groom Your Pet Often: Pet dander, pollen, dirt, and other small particles accumulate in your pet’s fur. These can build up quickly and affect the air quality in your home.
  2. Change Your Air Filters More Often: With pets, it’s a good idea to change your air filter every six to eight weeks. It might even be a good idea to upgrade your air filter to one that will filter out more debris.
  3. Get an Air Purifier: Air purifiers can help. Systems made for the entire house are better at removing tiny particles of pet dander.
  4. Clean Your Ductwork: Cleaning your ductwork will remove pet hair, pet dander, dust, and anything small enough to pass through the vents. Clean filters will also help your HVAC system run more efficiently. This reduces the need for your system to be overworked and reducing your energy bill.
  5. Get Regular Maintenance By a Licensed HVAC Technician: Pets can cause poor air quality. This can be treated relatively easily through routine HVAC care and maintenance.

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