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Ideal Thermostat Settings

The first step to making sure that your thermostat settings are ideal for the time of day and season is to ensure that the thermostat itself is installed in the proper location. An interior wall near the center of the house is the ideal location. Try to avoid direct sunlight, doors, windows, hallways, air vents, and the kitchen.

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Winter Thermostat Settings

  • Home during the day? 68ºF is ideal, but no higher than 72ºF
  • Empty house during the day? 62ºF to 66ºF is the most energy-efficient
  • Asleep at night? 62ºF to 66ºF is perfect under your cozy blankets
  • Away on vacation? 55ºF to 60ºF is best as long as you don’t have pets staying home

Summer Thermostat Settings

  • Home during the day? 78ºF and even as high as 81ºF
  • Empty house during the day? 7 to 10 degrees higher than the temperature when you are at home
  • Asleep at night? 82ºF is the most energy-efficient
  • Away on vacation? 85ºF to 88ºF if you don’t have pets and plants

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