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The health benefits of having a water filtration system in your home


Water filtration

We know that your family deserves clean water and that the best way to make sure that you are getting healthy water is by installing a whole-house water filter. But, before you decide to get a water filtration system, you should know about the process and the health benefits that you’ll enjoy. We are sure that after learning about it, you’ll view buying a whole house water filter as an investment rather than an expense.

As the name suggests, a whole house water filtration system distributes clean water to the entire home and not just the kitchen faucet, where most people get their drinking water. This is done by setting up the filter at the point where your water enters your home, thereby getting you clean water for everything from cooking to bathing to laundry. This is important because you can be exposed to negative health effects from contaminated water from all of your interaction with it, not just by drinking it.

A whole-house water purification system can be installed in only a few hours and the filtering process takes just a few steps:

  1. San Diego Water Filtration SystemFirst, your water will be pre-filtered as it enters the home, removing impurities and contaminants in tap water. This step is key because the filters trap anything that might later result in clogging during the process.
  2. Next, any chlorine or similar chemicals will be removed, which makes your water taste and look better. Chlorine can be a good thing, since it neutralizes harmful contaminants, but it also makes your water smell and taste bad when compared to untreated water.
  3. After chlorine is removed, activated charcoal is used as a means to catch any further impurities that may have been missed in the first two steps.
  4. Finally, whole house water filtration systems engages in waste removal by flushing away the contaminants that were caught in the previous steps.

The health benefits of buying a whole house filter system are numerous. You’ll be protected from allergens that can negatively impact your metabolism, as well as guaranteed that your family is protected from water born diseases that are commonly found in untreated water. Not only that, but you’ll have better mental health and peace of mind knowing that you have safe and great tasting water.

Looking to install a whole house water filtration system in your San Diego home? Call 1-800-anytyme at (760) 477-0072 and start enjoying the benefits of healthier and cleaner water today!

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