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How Often Do I Need Drain Cleaning Services?


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Debris and waste will eventually start to build up in your sewer line over time. This debris collects on the inside walls of the pipes and reduces how much water can flow out of your home. This will start to slow down your drains. If the debris accumulates quickly, then it could actually block the sewer line completely causing water to back up into your home. The drain cleaning services that we provide can prevent this from happening. It is important to know how often you need our drain cleaning services in your home.

When Your Drains Are Consistently Slow

You will need to call us for a cleaning when your drains are consistently slow or always having issues. This means that your drains never seem to function correctly even though you are taking steps to remedy the problem. This could also mean that your drains always seem to be clogging on a regular basis. These are all signs that you could have a clog in your sewer line. Our professionals can use the latest tools and technology to clean your drains without damaging the plumbing.

You Notice Other Problems or Odors

San Diego PlumberYou should call us for a drain cleaning if you start to notice other problems around your home. You might start to notice puddles of water in your basement. You might notice that your toilets are not draining properly or are overflowing. There might even be a foul odor coming out of your drains and fixtures. These problems could all be caused by a blocked or clogged drain. We can clean out any debris inside of your drains. If cleaning does not fix the problem, then we can inspect your sewer line to see whether another issue is present that needs to be repaired.

Every One to Three Years

If you want to have the fewest possible problems with your drains and sewer line, then you should call us for a complete cleaning and inspection every one to three years. If you are having drain problems on a regular basis, then an annual cleaning can keep your sewer line working well. If you just want to keep your pipes clean and in good condition, then a cleaning every two to three years will help. Our professional drain cleaning service can remove even the toughest debris and grease from your pipes. We will also inspect your drains to make certain that new problems are not developing.

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