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What To Do When Your Main Water Line Breaks

As with all homeowners, residents of the San Diego area understand the importance of having constant access to usable water for everything from showers and baths to dishwashing and keeping plants alive. Nothing is more frustrating than having a leak or crack in the piping system of your property, causing time-wasting errors and resulting in expensive repair–unless the break occurs at your main water line, connecting your entire plumbing system to that of the street.

How Do You Know The Leak Originates with the Main Water Line?

Rain and runoff water (for instance, from sprinkler systems) can pool at specific locations in your yard. However, water springing up from the ground from an internal source may be an indication of a leak, especially if that area is close to the road or sidewalk or if it is adjacent to the wall of your home’s foundation.

One commonly used test to determine whether a leak is from the main water line is by listening to the pipe itself. Locate the pipe that connects the municipal water line to your specific home and, with all running water in the house shut off for the duration of the test, try to detect any throbbing or loud noises issuing from the pipe. If you do, you should contact a plumbing specialist to verify whether or not there is indeed a leak in the length of the pipe between your house and the street (or, in some cases, a home adjacent to yours). Although occurring for a wide variety of reasons, low water pressure could be indicative of a break in your main water line. Because such breaks can be the result of years’ worth of corrosive wear to the outside of the main water pipe materials, some Cardiff homeowners might notice discolored or mucky brown water flowing from their faucets or appliances–water which is unsafe to consume or use until the pipe damage is repaired.

What to Do When It Happens

In many cases, the fastest way to control the extent of a leak or break is to shut off the main water valves connecting the home piping systems to the street; this action will prevent the water from damaging your property until plumbing professionals are able to assess the damage and repair the break or replace the entire pipe. Turning off the main water valve is frequently done in an emergency, and most municipal websites or information lines provide the number to report a main water leak to the city utilities department.

If you are a resident of the San Diego area, the A-rated, BBB-accredited plumbing specialists at 1-800-anytyme are available 24-7, holidays included. If you suspect a water main leak and need a professional second opinion, we provide emergency services including repair or replacement to your plumbing system from our many convenient locations.

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