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Fall Furnace Maintenance

With the warmer temperatures still in season, as residents of San Diego county, there’s never a better time than now to get ahead of the winter. You’ll want your furnace to be ready when the cooler air comes with winter and all the activity associated with the season. Even at this point, there are some items to check off your list as you maintain your furnace for fall.

You’ll want to make sure that nothing is left too close to the various parts of your furnace that don’t belong there. To evenly distribute the heat most effectively, your vents should be free from any blockages; make sure they’re clear of anything that could prevent your rooms from being heated–both a waste of money on your utility bill and of heat energy you aren’t feeling. Flammable items and piles that have accumulated over time should be removed from around your furnace unit to ensure the proper amount of combustion is available. The flue of your furnace should also be checked for clogging and loose connections; every piece, including the roof cap, should be secured in place prior to usage of the furnace. In addition, the condenser unit on the outside of your home should be cleared of trash and leaves as well and, while power to the unit is off, its coils checked and cleaned of dust and leaves.

The air filter should be checked and replaced if it is completely clogged; you can either change the filter every month or install a permanent one. Without this step, the inspection of your furnace is useless, as your family could suffer from excessively bad allergies or illnesses caused by the reintroduction of mites and dirt back into your home’s air. The individual components of your furnace should also be inspected and cared for according to the instructions in your user manual, for instance, whether or not the motor’s bearings should be lubricated with a small amount of oil.

The blower motor belt should be inspected for any areas that have been split or worn thin from constant friction and replaced; in addition, its tightness, which can slacken with use, should be measured and adjusted accordingly. The blower motor itself should be checked for smooth and efficient running. The occasional thorough inspection of a heating and cooling specialist may be necessary to ensure that all components of your unit are running optimally in unison.

As a resident of Encinitas, Escondido, or another San Diego city, if you are concerned that your furnace is not winter-ready or you are experiencing a heating malfunction requiring professional help, the trained specialists at 1-800-anytyme are certified in repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance techniques on all makes and models of furnaces. A-rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction and provide 24-7 service, emergencies included.

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