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For residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas, summer is just around the corner. Whether the hottest season is almost here or not, forced air conditioning systems require yearly (or more) checkups. With so many components working in sync, when one part, thermostat, or section of ductwork requires repair, the whole unit is affected. Therefore, it’s important to inspect your forced air conditioning unit regularly as needed to prevent the necessity for repairs and ensure that it’s functioning as optimally as possible. An optimally working forced air conditioner will also lower your energy bill.

Check Air Filters

When your air filters are dirty, the grit obstructs airflow, forcing your air conditioner to exert more energy than needed and reducing the efficiency of the whole unit. To optimize your forced air conditioner’s function, a regular checking of your air filters is necessary. Ideally, the filters should be inspected and replaced monthly during the hottest parts of the year when air conditioning is used most; in general, change it when it’s dirty. You will want to replace your current filter with one identical to it to ensure proper fitting into the casing. If any openings are left around an ill fitting filter, there’ll be air leakage through them, resulting in wasted energy that you’ll be paying for.  

Inspect Ductwork

You will also want to inspect your ductwork for air leaks and dirt buildup, both of which contribute to unnecessary energy waste and air conditioning system inefficiency. To find leaks hold a candle, while your air conditioning is running, to each area where duct parts connect to each other; if it flickers there is an air leak and you should seal it with duct tape. It’s also a good idea to use a shop vac on both the air conditioning unit parts and ductwork to remove dirt buildup or hire a cooling specialist to do a professional cleaning.

Bring in a Professional

As a preventative measure, you should have a professional cooling specialist give your entire forced air conditioning system a complete examination once a year just before you intend to use it. He or she will be able to verify all components are clean and working properly and the ductwork is sound and unobstructed. It would be less bothersome to keep your air conditioning unit in tip top shape now than to deal with an unexpected, expensive emergency later on.

Learn More and Contact Us

If you reside in San Diego or the surrounding areas, whether your air conditioner needs an inspection, repair, or installation, the cooling specialists at 1-800-anytyme are certified and available for 24 hour emergency service, same day guaranteed. You can reach us at any time every day at (760) 477-0072.

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