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Point-of-Use Water Heaters; Perfect for Hot Tubs & Long Showers

The hot tub isn’t really hot, the shower doesn’t stay that way nearly long enough, and you can make the bed and sort the laundry in the time it takes warm water to reach the bathroom sink. Even if your hot water heater is running efficiently and is an adequate size to meet most household needs, it might still need a little help.

A point-of-use tankless hot water heater is a great solution for occasional hot water shortfalls. These “on demand” appliances are perfect where there are either sporadic or extraordinarily high requirements for hot water; a spa or hot tub, a bathroom used by a marathon shower fanatic, or to speed up delivery to a sink, tub, or laundry located a distance from the main household water heater.

A flow switch operates the heating unit so it turns on when a hot water faucet is opened, eliminating stand-by heating losses. These heaters consume very little energy on their own, but since the main hot water heater continues to do its thing while the point-of-use unit is operating don’t expect overall energy savings. You will, however, save the water usually wasted while waiting for the hot stuff which could reduce water and in some cases sewer bills.

Many of the top manufacturers of hot water heaters make electric point-of-service units in several sizes and capacities. The amount of hot water produced varies by model and ranges from about .5 gallons per minute (gpm) to around 1.75 gpm with a temperature rise of 45° from the point where the water enters the heater. Manufacturers recommend the installation of flow controls and faucet aerators to increase the efficiency of the small tankless units.

The heaters are compact enough (around 12” high x 6” wide x 3” deep) to mount under the sink or in a closet near the water supply and are available with voltage requirements from 110/120 to 208/240. The larger the volume of water per minute needed or the greater the temperature rise the higher the voltage that will be required.

Point-of-use tankless hot water heaters cost in the range of $165 to $265 not including installation, but sometimes you just can’t put a price on a long, hot shower. Find a local San Diego plumber today to schedule an appointment for your hot water heater. Also, make sure to read through our Top 10 Water Heater Tips to help you get started yourself!

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