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Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing

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Spring Cleaning is typically associated with just dusting and cleaning out rooms around the house.

However you can’t forget about the cleaning and maintenance of your plumbing as well, so call your local professional plumber and get your cleaning done today!

1. Clean Your Bath Tub Drains Out

Getting all the hair and dirt out of your drain will keep from having to possibly break into your walls to clean out a clog in your pipes later.

2. Have Any Mineral Deposits Removed from Your Shower Head

This will allow for good flow. A plumbing professional can help you decide if it should be cleaned or if it is clogged enough to replace.

3. Evaluate Your Pipes

If you have cracks or breaks in your pipes, it can lead to big problems. You’d rather find a small crack today than your basement full of sewage down the road. This is also a great time to check the water pressure throughout your house for any problems.

4. Create an Emergency Water Plan with Your Professional

This will include finding the shutoff valve, seeing if things are placed that could fall into and cause problems with your toilet, and other steps you can take to minimize in case of a water emergency, including who to call in different situations.

Vista Spring Plumbing5. Check Your Sewer Lines for Problems

This is an especially great thing to do in the spring as tree roots can often times get wrapped up and cause breaks in these underground lines.

As you can see many of these issues can cause major problems down the road that will cost you thousands if not tens of thousands depending on the issue. This is why cutting corners is not an option.

Don’t try and do it yourself or just find a friend who will do it on the cheap. You very well could end up being the poster child for the person who could have done it right but is paying big now for not doing so. Spend a little today and save big down the road!

Spring is upon us, which means time to start your cleaning list for your San Diego home. Give 1-800-anytyme a Call at (760) 477-0072, and get assistance on your Spring cleaning list!

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