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Heat pumps are ideal for San Diego climate

San Diego homeowners might enjoy the advantages having a heat pump brings, especially during those weeks of the year when outside temperatures really skyrocket. Heat pumps are ideal for a mild climate, working optimally for a temperature spectrum of over 30 degrees and less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Used primarily for delivering a controlled amount of warmth to the home, heat pumps are often just as helpful for cooling and use the same method (in reverse) to deliver both options. Some heat pumps (such as geo-thermal models) use piping inserted into the lawn to draw heat from the ground and bring it into the house, where the air is processed and circulated to the desired rooms. Other (electric or gas) heat pumps bring in air from outside and either heat or cool it, depending on your goal, circulating the air throughout the rooms to create an overall drop or rise in indoor temperature.

Most heat pumps also include the ability to dehumidify air if needed and to clear, by way of air filters, the constantly cycling dust, allergy-inducing mites, smoke particles, and various other airborne toxins that hinder your family’s breathing freely. Because they run mainly on materials that recycle themselves (and fossil fuels that require constant adding), heat pumps are very energy efficient and save on the cost of the electric bill in the long run.

For families whose members are constantly on the go or are rarely in the house all at the same time, heat pumps are pre-programmable and ideal for maintaining a regular schedule of turning on prior to anyone’s coming home or turning off when the house is empty. Should square footage be a concern, a heat pump is very conservative in the amount of space it requires, and its unit does not outwardly overheat and create a danger for children (or pets) to get burned on the equipment. In general, heat pumps have been found to be more efficient, energy-saving, and longer lasting than other types of heating/cooling systems.

If you are a resident of northern San Diego or the surrounding area and are considering an upgrade or even just a repair to your current unit, the specialists at 1-800-anytyme are certified and trained to answer your questions about any heating and cooling system, including the addition of heat pumps. We are available at any time, day or night, for 24 hour emergency service, to give you cost effective service, even on holidays. Whether your unit is in need of repair, replacement, or general maintenance, call 1-800-anytyme today at 760-477-0072.

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