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As residents of San Diego or one the nearby cities, you are well acquainted with the need for an efficient heating and cooling system when temps not only become chilly in the winter but also skyrocket in the summer. Now that summer is fast approaching, the difference between a sufficiently cooled home, without an unreasonable energy bill, and sweltering misery might lie in your choice of thermostat for your home. Let us help you select the thermostat that will keep you comfortable while giving your wallet some relief as well.

Programmable Thermostats

If your family is in and out of the house most of the time, a programmable thermostat might be for you. Controlling both heating during the winter and cooling in the summer, programmable devices allow you to enter your preferred temperature settings without having to constantly check it throughout the day. Running an air conditioning unit all day, every day when no one is home is a waste of both energy and money. By programming your thermostat to certain temperatures when the whole family is present and will get the use and advantage of that air conditioning is ideal; you can set the programmable thermostat to automatically shut off multiple times throughout the day when no one will be home or lower its settings at night when temperatures are cooler. Although initially more expensive to install, programmable thermostats can save you money on your energy bill in the long run.

Manual Thermostats

For those who work from home or are mostly at the house throughout the day, manual thermostats can be sufficient. The homeowner is in control of the temperature at all times so complete shut off and turning on of the thermostat is required. If the thermostat is not used constantly to regulate the temperature of the residence, manual ones can be economical. The most costly option for manual thermostats is one that contains a digital control. However, this kind offers the most accurate temperature reading and can be preset to keep the temperature at the level you wish. Homeowners can maintain the optimal functionality (and cost-saving feature) they’d receive with a programmable model by adjusting their manual thermostat to a slightly higher temperature during hot weather and slightly lower in the winter.

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There is a programmable or manual thermostats for every size home, budget, and level of need; consult a professional to ensure that you are choosing the right selection for your home. If you live in the San Diego area and are considering an upgrade, reinstallation, or repair to your current home comfort system, the trained specialists at 1-800-anytyme can help with all your heating and cooling needs. Call today at (760) 477-0072!

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