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What are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Vista Plumber clearing a clogged drainWhen many homeowners experience a clog in their plumbing systems, the simple solution is to run to the local grocery store and grab a bottle of chemical drain cleaner.

These solutions are advertised as a simple and inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional plumber, and are supposed to clear the drain soon after being poured into the pipes.

The problem is that many times these chemical cleaners do not work, and they actually are more dangerous than most homeowners are even aware of. Consider these three reasons to avoid using liquid drain cleaners and hire a professional plumber to clear the clog.

Deterioration of the Pipes

When a significant clog is stopping the flow of water in the pipes, pouring liquid drain cleaner into the pipes is not the answer. These solutions contain toxic ingredients, and if the clog is too severe, those chemicals will remain trapped in the pipes where they slowly begin to deteriorate the pipe from the inside.

The longer and more frequently you use these solutions, the weaker the pipes are becoming. The end result is that not only didn’t you clear the clog, you are lessening the life span of the plumbing system, resulting in more frequent pipe replacement.

Toxic Fumes in the House

When you pour that liquid drain cleaner into the pipes, if the clog is not immediately removed, the toxic fumes from those chemicals will slowly work their way back up the pipes to the drain. Once back at the drain, these deadly toxic fumes will Vista Drain Cleaning Solutionscontaminate the indoor air quality.

This is extremely dangerous for small children and pets, and anyone suffering with respiratory issues. The air quality will quickly become dangerous, and can lead to a huge variety of illnesses if exposed to the toxic fumes for prolonged periods of time.

Contaminating the Water Supply

For the same reasons you are told not to pour pint and dangerous chemicals down your sink, you should consider that the drain cleaners are just as bad. They contain many more toxins than items you are instructed to never put in the drain.

These chemicals can find their way to the water supply, and if not treated properly at the water treatment facilities can pose a threat to the environment.

These chemicals used in large volume pose a threat to those exposed to the water and to the local ground water supply.

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