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Top 10 Ways To Beautify Your Bathroom

Woman in bathtubIf you feel like your bathroom is drab and boring, it might be time to make some updates.

There are many simple and relatively easy ways to revitalize your bathroom and create a beautiful spa-like retreat.

From changing your bathroom fixtures to installing a new bathtub, the possibilities really are endless. Take a look as we have outlined some of the most popular suggestions for beautifying your bathroom.

1. Swap Your Faucet

Bathroom fixtures are generally easy to replace, especially with the help of a professional plumber. Not to mention the plethora of styles and designs each brand has to offer. There are literally hundreds of possibilities when choosing a faucet. Be sure to consult a plumber if you have any questions.

2. Change The Sink

If swapping out the bathroom faucet doesn’t quite do the trick, you may consider a new sink. There are plenty of new and innovative options that provide a sleek, modern design.

3. Time For A New Toilet

Like us, toilets are conforming to a greener and environmentally conscious society. There are plenty of eco-friendly and water saving toilets on the market. Not only are these new toilets environmentally friendly, they often boast sleek and stylish designs.

4. Replace Your Tub

Remove your old, bulky bathtub and replace it with a new model. You may also consider a claw foot style bath tub instead. These boast timeless elegance and a spa-like feel.

5. Upgrade Your Shower

Consider hiring a plumber to install a custom tiled shower. Not only are these generally more spacious but their design is usually breathtaking and serene. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you step in the shower.

6. Install A Specialized Shower Head

Waterfall rain shower heads are all the rage these days. They are made by nearly every major brand and are known for their strong water pressure which provides an in-shower massage experience.

7. Upgrade Your Vanity

It’s easy for vanities to look old and outdated, especially as deign themes change. Consider upgrading your vanity to give your bathroom a clean and updated look.

8. Maximize Your Space

We know some bathrooms aren’t very big. As a way to maximize your space, install a pedestal style sink to avoid a bulky vanity.

Vista Bathroom Remodeling9. Go Vintage In Your Design Theme

There are beautiful fixtures and bathroom accessories that emulate a simpler time. Contact your plumber to find out how these elements can be used in your bathroom.

10. Change Your Layout

Sometimes our bathrooms really aren’t laid out properly to accommodate our day to day activities.

Contact a plumber to review your bathrooms current layout. Changing and moving things around might be the answer to beautifying your space.

Whatever you decide to do in your bathroom, if you use one of the suggestions above you’re sure to be pleased with your new space.

Your San Diego home deserves a beautiful bathroom. Call 1-800-anytyme at (760) 477-2222 for a remodel you can be proud of!

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