facuet-wt2Do You Realize the Importance of Consuming Purified Water Instead of Tap Water?

Tap water is filled with multiple types of impurities such as synthetic chemicals, toxic heavy metals, parasites, chlorines, chloramines, and thousands more compounds that can threaten your health. Consuming tap water on a daily basis can be devastating for your body.

The EPA has reported estimating 9,300 cases annually in the US where bladder cancer has been a direct result by consumption of chlorinated by-products. That means that people drinking tap water have a slightly higher risk to obtain cancer in their lifetime then those who are drinking purified water.

Unfortunately, people have been taking the wrong preventative matters. The average family of four spends over $1,000 annually for bottled water to free themselves from this risk. Many of these people do not know that the EPA tested 1,000 bottles and found that two third of them still contained contaminates. Money is being spent and the problem is not being resolved.

Right now over 250 million Americans are drinking and bathing in water contaminated with chlorine and chlorinated by-products whether they know it or not.  In the shower, your skin’s pores act like sponges that can absorb up to 100 times more contaminants than you would get by drinking the same water.

What is the Best Solution to Have Purified Water in Your Home?

HALO water systems have the highest quality water you can get in the US without the burden of having to buy bottled water. Not only is HALO a cheaper alternative, but it is manufactured to the highest standards in America to make sure your family gets the purest water possible.

HALO water is filtered through a process that uses alternating magnetic fields to pull most minerals away from forming hard brittle scales in your water. Calcium ions become bonded to each other instead of getting bonded to the lining in you plumbing.

If your body is over 80% water, then shouldn’t you provide it with the purest water available?

How Can You Get a Halo Water System Installed Today?

Being aware of your current water situation is not enough to change it. Bottled water has proven not to be the best solution. It is time to consider getting a professional plumbing company to install your new HALO water system for you.

Make sure you call the right plumbing company to do the job for you because not all companies install HALO products. Call a plumbing company that specializes with HALO water because they will possess the expertise you need to install your new water system in correctly.