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What Consumes The Most Water In My Home?

Money is very hard to come by and having a high water consumption bill can add extra layers of stress for homeowners who may not be able to keep up with all of their bills.There are many reasons for a high water bill, including; leaky faucets/pipes, high water pressure, a faulty water meter, etc. Here are possible reasons for seeing a major spike in water utility bills and how to fix the problem:

A Leaky Faucet is The Culprit

The majority of plumbing companies find that the main cause for a high water bill is often due to a leak. Sometimes, these leaks are apparent when looking at a faucet. This may not be the case if the leak is happening within a pipe. A licensed plumber will be able to locate any leaks that are not visual to the naked eye.

When a plumber locates a leak, they will often give a diagnosis or a written statement to the homeowner. A written statement can also be sent to a utility company so that the bill can be adjusted. Other places that can hold a leak is the washer machine and toilet.

Make Good Use of a Water HeaterFiling Up A Glass of Water

The meter in a home measures the amount of water being used. Most of the time, water meters are reliable, however, there can be some issues if it is outdated.

They can also be misread. If the home owner feels that their meter is broken or giving faulty readings, contact the utility company and explain the issue. An employee from the utility company may inspect the meter after coming to the home to make sure it is reading correctly.

Patching Up Leaks

There are some kits available to the public for patching up leaks. They are often found at the local hardware store. It is always recommended to hire a skilled plumber to take care of leaks.

Plumbers may take a fraction of the time to repair leaky faucets and pipes compared to a home owner who have no training or knowledge of plumbing systems. A licensed plumber will also be able to detect larger problems, such as the evidence or mold and/or mildew.

Conserving Water in The Bathroom

The best tip for reducing a water bill is to reduce the amount of water usage in the bathroom. Most water is used when showering (can use up to 20 gallons of water to take one shower!). Use a water-conserving nozzle, which can easily be placed on faucets and shower heads.

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