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For those residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas, solving the mysteries of water heater problems can be challenging without the help of a professional specialist. But if your problem happens to be one of the following, with practice the fix can be a fairly simple one to do on your own.

You Have Pungent Water

If your water heater is releasing nasty-smelling hot water, it’s usually the result of bacteria in the heater tank mixing with aluminum- or magnesium-composed anode rods (placed there to keep rust at bay) to produce hydrogen sulfide gas. To get rid of the problem, you can try replacing any dysfunctional rods with ones containing zinc. But for a quick, immediate fix, you may choose to eradicate the bacteria building up in the tank by turning up the water to over 150 degrees or adding peroxide (healthier than but as effective as other like chemicals) and flushing out the entire water system, performing this method periodically as needed.

You Have Little or No Hot Water

Especially during winter, the amount of time it takes for cold water coming into the water tank to heat up lengthens significantly, taking longer than ever to supply sufficient hot water. If your hot water heater contains too much sediment, it may be affecting how quickly your water heats; you can try flushing your tank system of mineral buildup. No hot water period? You might have to reboot your water heater by flipping the appropriate breaker and pressing the reset button. In gas water heaters, if your pilot light has gone out, you won’t get any hot water; it’s the indicator to your heater whether or not to start heating. In this case, it could be a faulty thermocouple not signaling the pilot light to come on and thereby heat your water.

You Have Rusty Water

To get rid of the mineral sediment buildup that causes this and reduces the functionality of your water heater, it’s wise to flush out your system annually. For electric water heaters flip the breaker off, or for gas-powered ones turn off the pilot mechanism first. Completely flush out all the sediment and clean out the tank. Questions concerning your particular water heater? Consult a professional.

Nothing is more inconvenient than a malfunctioning hot water heater. If you live in San Diego or the surrounding areas, our 1-800-anytyme plumbing specialists are certified to provide you with reliable, cost effective, same day service 24-7 for all your water heater emergencies. Call us whenever you need us at (760) 477-0072.

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