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Residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas are well acquainted, as most people are, with how frustrating a sudden bathroom emergency can be. When your toilet clogs and/or overflows, the resulting mess can take hours to clean up. Of course, the crisis usually occurs at the most inopportune time (when you least expect it), and you’re left to fix the problem or quickly find a plumbing specialist to perform the repairs you can’t. Even more dire is the necessity to replace the entire toilet unit. How do you know when your toilet is in its final stages and requires a replacement?

Incessant Clogging

It’s not uncommon for objects to get flushed (and stuck) down the toilet, many of which may land in areas of piping that are inaccessible even if you dismantled the toilet or stuck your hand down into the bowl to reach them. Not only items, but also unreachable and non-removable deposits from minerals in the water may over time continue to build along the piping until it’s completely obstructed. The resulting blockage could be requiring you to plunge your toilet multiple times on a weekly basis; at this point, it is probably time to replace at least some plumbing components.

Cracks and Leaks

Cracks in the porcelain comprising the bowl, base, or tank of the toilet will gradually deepen if left unchecked. If this particular situation is not dealt with, eventually the cracked area will break, resulting in flooding and ruined floors (or more). Even though the emergency might not arise for a long time, cracks can still cause daily leakage, most likely whenever the toilet is flushed, and water damage to the area surrounding the toilet. As cracking and/or leaking increase, it’s recommended to choose a new toilet as soon as possible.

Constant Repairs Needed

The costs of those small fixes add up. The stopper in the tank or the toilet handle are common and easy enough to fix. Sometimes the accompanying pipes need repair. At some point, though, these parts and many others will need to be replaced multiple times and more frequently as the toilet becomes increasingly worn; the cost of the repairs becomes greater than that of a new toilet. If it’s been years since your toilet has been replaced, newer units have become much more efficient and water saving.

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