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Everyone wants to save money, to be energy efficient, and most of all, to know what is happening inside their home at all times. Did you know that a Wi-Fi thermostat can give you peace of mind?

Wi-Fi Thermostat

By now you probably know someone who has one. But what does it really do?

  • Easily programmable: Download the app to your phone or tablet and enter in the times and temperatures.
  • Change the temperature from anywhere, anytime: Whether you’re in bed and it’s unexpectedly too hot or too cold, or halfway around the world and you realize that you left the AC on, you can change the temperature right from the app on your smart device.
  • Learn your habits: Some units learn your schedule and adapt to your routine. Some can even adjust the temperature based on where your smartphone is and if it detects that you are within a few miles from home.
  • Monitor your heating/cooling system: Some Wi-Fi thermostats monitor the efficiency of your system and alert you if the efficiency drops because of a dirty air filter, clogged evaporator or condenser coils, low refrigerant charge, or other problem.
  • Saves you money: All of the above helps you save money by reducing unnecessary energy consumption when you aren’t home.
  • Convenience and entertainment: Some units offer voice control, display digital photos, play music, or change colors.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: A Wi-Fi thermostat can alert 1-800-anytyme if it detects a fault! This pre-emptive step can help keep your system running smoothly and may prevent a major problem, as well as possibly saving you hundreds of dollars. We also save you time by calling you to schedule an appointment when we receive the alert.

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