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Fun Heating Facts

The Romans were the first to use a heating system. This heating system was called a “hypocaust.” It sent furnace heat through the floors and walls of the homes of rich Romans.  Radiators were once built out of cast iron, making them incredibly heavy—around 500 lbs. per square foot. Ford Motor Company was the first to develop …

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How can I make sure I’m hiring the right heating contractor?

Steps to Picking the Right Heating Contractor   Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system plays a vital role in maintaining comfort throughout your home in all mother nature’s hardships. There comes a time when this important system will need replacing. An HVAC contractor who is specialized to work with this type of equipment …

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The Benefits of Heat Pumps

San Diego homeowners might enjoy the advantages having a heat pump brings, especially during those weeks of the year when outside temperatures really skyrocket. Heat pumps are ideal for a mild climate, working optimally for a temperature spectrum of over 30 degrees and less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Used primarily for delivering a controlled amount …

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