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With the current societal pressures in today’s down economy, more and more of us find ourselves with sleep problems. Stresses cause us to be restless and toss and turn in our beds. Our daily lives give us enough to sweat about. It doesn’t help that the summer heat is rolling in and making our living spaces uncomfortably hot. Nobody wants to be tired, cranky and hot all of the time.

The good news is that Air Conditioning has a direct effect on our level of sleep. The cooler we are at night, the deeper we will sleep, and the better rested we will be!
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Getting Back Healthy Sleeping Habits Requires Us To Balance Our Behavior, And Our Environment.

There are a couple of things you can do before bed to increase your chance of a sound sleep.

1. Avoid Caffeine
2. Drink Warm Milk
3. Do not eat a big meal for at least 3 hours before bed
4. Nibble a small snack
5. Follow routine
6. Stick to same night hour for sleeping
7. Do not work out for at least 3 hours before bed
8. Do not drink alcohol
9. Do not smoke nicotine

1. Sleep between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Keep your core body cool right before bed
3. Keep your hands and feet warm under the covers
4. Have a comfortable mattress
5. Avoid light and noise
6. Try a hot water bottle at your toes

The best way to keep our core bodies chilled before bed is simply to lounge around in the cool air of our A/C units. If we keep the unit going all night, then our bodies sleep through the night.

Air Conditioning and Babies

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San Diego babies that live in our Southern California heat should be growing up in households with A/C units. Babies become dehydrated much quicker than adults because of their perspiration prevalence. Leaving a small child restless in a hot room all night results in sweaty pajamas, sleepy eyes, and thirsty mouths.

More importantly there has been evidence to suggest that a baby’s sleep environment is a critical factor in the risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which is diagnosed when the sudden death of an infant can’t be explained by other health concerns. Researchers who study SIDS found that simply having a fan in the room lowered a baby’s risk of SIDS by 72 percent. Babies sleeping on their backs and in cooler rooms have a smaller chance of experiencing SIDS than ones placed to sleep belly down in hot air.

Purchasing a New Air Conditioning Unit

The fact that Air Conditioning can improve  overall quality of life, starting with a good night’s sleep, is more reason than just the weather to purchase a unit this season.

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