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Slab Leaks

Are you noticing inexplicable flooding on the ground floor of your property? Hearing the faint sound of trickling water even when the water isn’t running? These are signs that you may have a slab leak. Slab leaks occur due to small holes or cracks in the pipes encased in your concrete foundation. This leads to water buildup in the concrete itself, which can pose a number of problems for your property. Thankfully, our team here at 1-800-anytyme has the services you need to take care of slab leaks of any severity. Equipped with the industry’s latest tools and technology, plus unparalleled experience, our technicians offer comprehensive slab leak detection and repair services to homes and businesses in the greater San Diego, CA region. Read on to learn more about slab leaks and our services. 

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Symptoms of a Slab Leak on Your Property

There are a few symptoms of a slab leak that can warn you a plumber is needed.  

  • Rising water bills can signify a slab leak. Changes in your property’s water efficiency often indicates a leak may be afoot somewhere in your pipes.  
  • If you notice cracks in your flooring, it could be a sign that your foundation is being compromised by sitting water in the slab under your home.  
  • Hearing the ghostly sound of running water (even when no fixtures or appliances are in use), it’s likely that the leak is coming from within your slab.  

Noticing any symptoms, but still not sure it's a slab leak? Take this water meter test to find out for sure. 

  • Turn off all water: Locate your meter and make sure the water is turned off throughout your property, The water meter should not be moving at all if all appliances and fixtures are turned off. (toilet, faucet, washing machine, sprinklers, shower, bath) 
  • Take a Picture: Snap a photo of your water  meter and record the exact time of the photo. Take another photo of your water meter 15 minutes later. Take a third photo 1 hour later. 
  • Did the numbers change If the numbers are the exact same, you do not have a slab leak. However, if the number has moved more than one digit, it is time to call a plumber. 

What is a Slab Leak? 

A slab leak is a water leak from the pipes in your property’s concrete foundation. In most homes and businesses, several main plumbing lines are encased in this concrete foundation (known as the slab) for efficiency purposes. While you might think that 360-degree concrete coverage provides a pretty leak-proof environment for your pipes, the unfortunate fact is that pinhole leaks can still occur through corrosion and shifting pressure over time. 

These small leaks, should they occur, cause water to flow into your concrete slab. This is known as a slab leak. Slab leaks can lead to a number of structural concerns for the foundation of your property, such as cracking and corrosion, and can also lead to flooding indoors. What’s worse, damage to your slab can lead to more water permeating through your concrete from outside water sources. 

Professional Slab Leak Detection and Repair at 1-800-anytyme

With decades of combined experience and the industry’s leading tools and technology, our team here at 1-800-anytyme is equipped to handle slab leak issues large and small. When you schedule an appointment with us, we show up with our team and tools to perform comprehensive diagnostics and efficiently locate the source of your leak. Then, using the latest minimally-invasive equipment and plumbing procedures, we begin the repair process. Slab leak repair is almost always intensive work—and our team takes care to accomplish it as efficiently and effectively as possible, with minimal disruption to your property. 

San Diego’s Preferred Team Since 1998

For over two decades, our professionals here at 1-800-anytyme have provided high-quality plumbing services to residential and commercial clients across the greater San Diego, CA area. Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us thousands of happy clients and recognition as one of the region’s top plumbing teams. Fully licensed and insured, we’re an excellent choice for plumbing problems large and small. If you are looking for quality slab leak detection and repair in Southern California, our team here at 1-800-anytyme is the one to call. 

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"Frank was very professional and quickly repaired the leak. We had 1-800-anytyme repipe our house... 8 years ago, and Frank remembered working here. It's great to have continuity of care."

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