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Choosing A New Heating System

Choosing A New Heating System

Buying a new heating system is a major investment, one that should last many years.

Options for a Gas Unit

When considering a new furnace, most of your decisions depend on the energy source available to you. Below are the options if you have Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (LP): 

Gas Split:

  • Forced Air System / Central Heating (uses ducts and vents to transport air through your home or business) 
  • Runs on Natural gas or Liquid propane (after an LP kit is used to optimize the use liquid propane (LP) in place of natural gas)
  • The most commonly used system in Southern California.

Gas Package Unit:

  • Most common in industrial / commercial buildings with natural gas hookups.

Options for an Electric Unit

Heat Pump Split:

  • For the all-electric home, the heat pump split runs only on electricity. 
  • Instead of using a furnace, heat pump splits use an “air handler” transporting hot air from outside your home, inside of your home. 
  • A heat pump split is not ideal for the very cold locations which do not have enough heat outside to transport inside. 

Heat Pump Package Unit:

  • Used for industrial building which do not have room for the heat pump split. 
  • Most common for building which do not have enough room for the split system, therefore all the equipment is packed together and most commonly installed on the roof. (Commercial buildings usually have flat roofs where homes tend to have slanted roofs.) 

Keep Your New Unit Maintained

As with any household appliance, the new unit needs to be maintained if you want the warranty to stay intact. Manufacturer warranties can go up to 10 years. However, if not regularly maintained, the warranty is void. Getting an annual tune-up can increase your chances of a system which lasts 10+ years.

Ready for a New Heating System?

Our technicians are ready to survey your existing system and let you know your options. Contact 1-800-anytyme via our contact form or call (760) 477-0072 to speak with a member of our team today!

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