Do You Need A Water Monitor?

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Do You Need A Water Monitor?

Do You Need A Water Monitor?

Concerned about aging pipes? Concerned about unseen leaks? Just want to be cautious? A smart water monitor is one of the best solutions.

What Is A Water Monitor?

This unit senses leaks and moisture outside of the pipes. It can detect leaks from your toilet, shower, or faucet. The connected smartphone application will alert you if a leak is detected. Even if the leak source is in the foundation or behind walls, you will be notified.

Smart Water Shutoff

While a smart water monitor is proven to decrease your potential for a water damage incident, accidents can still happen. For additional protection, a smart water shutoff will turn your water off if it detects a leak or moisture where there shouldn’t be any. This offers greater peace of mind so there are no surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation.

Can It Save Me Money?

Depending on the brand and your insurance carrier, you may be eligible for a rebate or discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Peace Of Mind 

Your plumbing might still be out of sight. However, with a smart water monitor and shutoff, you can maintain your pipes. You can also know that your home and family are protected from water damage. 1-800-anytyme would be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. Contact us via our contact form or call (760) 477-0072 to speak with a member of our team today!

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