Is your A/C ready for summer?

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Is your A/C ready for summer?

Is your A/C ready for summer?

Everyone is ready for summer! After the stress and anxiety of the first half of this year, we all want to relax a bit and enjoy the summer. Before you do that, make sure you prepare your air conditioner and give it a tune-up. Do this before summer hits and you will be grateful in the middle of a hot summer day when it is working flawlessly!


Checking the filters is something that you can probably do yourself, but if you have difficulty a professional would be happy to assist you. If you have disposable filters, replace them with the same size. If they are reusable, clean them and dry them thoroughly before reinstalling them.


A condenser that hasn’t been used since last summer will most likely have dust and debris on it. Do a visual inspection to see if it needs to be cleaned. Remove any leaves, twigs, grass, and dust that have collected on top. You should also check the inside of the unit to check for debris in the coils. Be very gentle when cleaning them.


Inspect the insulation covering the refrigerant lines. Make sure that nothing is damaged. Any leaks should be addressed by a professional only.


Your air conditioner should receive an annual tune-up. This will ensure that your unit is working optimally and not wasting electricity and money. Most manufacturers also require annual tune-ups to maintain their warranty.

Ready for summer?

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