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Keeping Your Pipes Healthy

When was the last time you really stopped to consider what you are putting down your drains and toilets? Are your pipes healthy? If you have ever had water damage or any other plumbing issue, then you know how serious these can be. They also seem to always happen at the worse time (not that there’s a good time for plumbing problems)!

The Most Important Rule

Only flush down the toilet what was meant to be flushed. The following are not recommended:Plumber

  • Goldfish on their way to the pond in the sky
  • Wipes
  • Sanitary products
  • Plants
  • Garbage
  • Grease (meat fats, lard, cooking oil, shortening, butter, margarine)
  • Chemicals
  • Any other animals

Don’t be fooled: If it disappears down your toilet, it can still cause damage down the line. Clogged pipes can lead to costly plumbing repairs.

Garbage Disposals

Always use cold water while you are running the garbage disposal. This keeps your blades sharp and avoids any clogs if grease and oil accidentally go down the drain. Remember to continue running water for approximately 15 seconds after you turn off the disposal to help flush the food particles down the drain.

Say “NO” To Chemicals

Never use chemicals to clean your drains. Not only can they damage both PVC and metal pipes, but they are bad for the environment as well as septic systems. Chemical drain cleaners are toxic if swallowed and can also:

  • Burn eyes, skin and mucous membranes
  • Eat through clothing
  • Release noxious fumes
  • Cause explosions if used improperly

Bath and Shower Drains

Use a sink strainer to stop hair, cotton, and other materials from going down the bathroom sink and shower drains. These can easily clog your drains.


Check for leaks regularly:

  • Bulging supply hoses (washing machine, ice maker)
  • Discolored spot in the ceiling or wall
  • Unusually high water bill

Regular Maintenance is Important

Just like your furnace and air conditioner, your plumbing also needs regular maintenance. 1-800-anytyme would be happy to assist you with this. Contact us via our contact form or call (760) 477-0072 to speak with a member of our team today!

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