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The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

Plumber with a wrenchFlushing certain items down the toilet can be far more troublesome than just an occasional clog.

Not only are you going to cause expensive problems for the plumbing lines down the line, but you are also wasting more water each time you flush the toilet.

In addition, your local water treatment plant was designed to only treat certain items, and certain things being flushed could lead to significant blockages that can disrupt the water treatment process.

Here are the five most common clogs in toilets, and things you should never flush down the bowl.

1. Sanitary Napkins and Tampons

If you want to know the item that causes the most clogs in the toilet, it is tampons and sanitary napkins. The cotton in these items can easily get snagged in any cracks, imperfections, or tree roots that may have penetrated the plumbing lines.

After only a few flushes, the clog gets bigger as more items stick to the napkin and tampon. If the clog occurs further down the line, it can be very expensive to have a plumbing repair company remove the debris.

2. The Cigarette Butt

Cigarettes should always be thrown in the trash, never down the toilet. Many people rather than put out the cigarette, simply drop in the toilet to put out the flame, then flush it down.

The components of the cigarette will never break down, and once they form a clog in your pipes by attaching to other items stuck to the side of the pipe, you will have a serious clog that needs professional attention.

3. Dental Floss

Dental floss can be a serious problem when flushed down the toilet. Just like cotton, the string easily attaches to imperfections inside the pipe, then attracts other items to it as they are flushed. Because the floss will never break down, it only accumulates more debris until the line is completely clogged.

4. Paper Towels

After cleaning the bathroom with paper towels, throw them in the trash and not the toilet. One paper towel can easily get trapped in the tight turns of the plumbing system and turn a small clog into a very big and expensive problem.

5. The Dryer Sheet

Woman with a leaking toilet

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight nature of the dryer sheet, not only will it not break down in the water, it is full of toxic chemicals that make it to the treatment facility.

They can easily get stuck on anything in your pipes, and will quickly lead to a serious clog. Throw these in the trash and not the toilet.

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