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Steps for Fixing an Overflowing Toilet

Residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas know the household panic that ensues when a member of the family flushes a toilet and it promptly overflows. Depending on what occurred before the overflow took place, a fix to the problem should be fairly simple without having to call a plumbing specialist.

  1. The first step in fixing your overflowing toilet is to stop the water from running over the bowl. You will want to turn the water valve off at your toilet, located underneath the tank or near the base of the toilet. Some toilets have no shutoff or one that won’t budge; in this case you can remove the lid from the tank and pull up on the float to prevent more water from entering the tank. If the cause of the overflow is an obstruction within the toilet itself, turning the water off at the main valve should stop more water from overflowing. Plumbing professionals note that if the problem lies in the sewer system this will not help.
  2. You should then determine whether a clog might be the problem and what caused it. If something was accidentally flushed down the toilet, you can try wearing protective coverings over your hands, reaching up into the toilet, and attempting to dislodge the object. If it is indeed a clog, carefully apply a toilet plunger to move the obstruction; start little by little and gradually build up force and speed for as long as needed to unclog the toilet. Should the plunger fail, a toilet auger or snake designed specifically for plumbing systems can be used.

When Nothing Else Will Work …

Plumbing specialists are extremely hesitant to recommend chemical drain cleaners. Not only are they harmful if they make contact with an individual’s skin or eyes, but they can also cause serious erosion of certain types of metal pipes over time and are in many cases ineffective at completely removing pipe obstructions. If none of the usual methods have worked to clear your toilet and allow it to stop overflowing, the problem might lie further back in your piping system where you can’t reach it yourself and would need the assistance of a plumbing specialist. When in doubt, call the professionals.

If you reside in San Diego or the surrounding areas and you have a plumbing problem you just can’t fix, the certified plumbing specialists at 1-800-anytyme are trained and available 24-7 every day to give you the best, most cost effective solution to your need. Call us at (760) 477-0072 today!

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