What To Look For In A New Tankless Water Heater

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What To Look For In A New Tankless Water Heater

What To Look For In A New Tankless Water Heater

Hot water on demand! A tankless water heater can be a very attractive addition to your home. Some of the key points for these systems are:

  • Endless Hot Water: The unit heats the water as it goes through the system and into your plumbing fixtures.
  • Space Saver: A tankless does not require the storage of gallons of pre-heated hot water, so the large tank is absent from this type of system.
  • Lower Energy Bill: There isn’t a need a keep gallons and gallons of water heated.

How instant is it?

The distance between the tankless and the fixture will affect the amount of time that it takes for hot water to come out. If the distance is greater than 50 feet, you will want to consider a re-circulation line and pump, which pushes cold water in the pipes back through the water heater. This results in hot water seconds after turning on the fixture.


Just like a tanked water heater, efficiency will depend on the usage habits of those in your home. Do you want the system to service just one fixture (one shower), multiple fixtures (entire bathroom), or the entire house?

Lower Utility Bills

Tankless water heaters, compared to tanked systems, can save you as much as 40 percent off on your utility bills.


As with a tanked water heater, gas tankless systems cost less to operate, but cost more upfront than electric. However, it is always a good idea to compare electric and gas rates before making a decision.

Is a tankless for you?

Are you considering switching from a traditional tanked water heater to a tankless? 1-800-anytyme would be happy to help you determine the right system for you! Contact us via our contact form or call (760) 477-0072 to speak with a member of our team today.

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