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Toilets are the last thing that we think about when they are doing their job. But when they stop it is a major problem. Your toilet draining slowly can be one of these problems.

Possible Culprits

  • Partial Blockage: Something is stuck in the pipe.
    • Use a good plunger and make sure that you do not push any air into the pipe.
  • Low Water Level: Caused by low water pressure, malfunctioning trip assembly, or maladjusted fill valves.
    • Easily fixed by a professional plumber.
  • Toilet Flapper: The toilet flapper has become disconnected or worn out from use.root intrusion
    • Reconnect the flapper or replace if worn out.
  • Chain: The chain is too long and stuck on another part in the tank.
    • Adjust the length by moving the chain into a different hole.
  • Mineral Build-Up: Jet holes below the toilet rim have too much mineral build-up.
    • Spray the build-up with distilled white vinegar and scrub with a brush.
  • Wax Ring: The wax ring under the toilet is not sealing properly.
    • Replace the wax ring.
  • Roots in the Mainline: Roots looking for water find their way into the pipe through a crack or a leak.
    • Have a camera inspection done to find the extent of the damage, then have a professional plumber clear the line.

Toilet Draining Slowly?

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