Why is my toilet flushing on its own?

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Why is my toilet flushing on its own?

Why is my toilet flushing on its own?

Toilets are not supposed to flush by themselves. If you start hearing your toilet flushing on its own, it’s time to investigate why. Here are some possible reasons:


The toilet flapper opens when you flush and closes when the tank is done refilling. Flappers only last about 5 years. They are made out of rubber which deteriorates over time. If this is the culprit then simply replace it.

If the problem is caused by a flapper chain that is too long, shorten the chain. This usually takes care of the random flushing.

Refill Tube

The refill tube is a narrow, flexible tube that sits at the top of the tank. If the tube becomes detached, it can cause “phantom flushing.” If the refill tube is inserted too far into the overflow tube, that can also be the problem.

Flush Valve Gasket

The flush valve gasket is the circular part that acts as a seal for the flush valve. When it fails, it allows water to pass through to the drain which causes flushing.


In older toilets, the float is the ball in the tank. In newer toilets, it is a cylinder on a rod. Both types keep the water in the tank from overflowing. If the water level in the tank is too high, your toilet will keep flushing on its own. Adjust the float until the water stops refilling the tank at the proper level.

Toilet Constantly Flushing?

Whether you have already tried to locate the cause of the “phantom flushing” or would rather leave it to the experts, give 1-800-anytyme a call. Contact us via our contact form or call (760) 477-0072 to speak with a member of our team today!

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