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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

HydrojettingThe most basic way to describe hydrojetting is that it is a process where a stream of water is sprayed out of a nozzle at ultra-high pressure. The water is spayed at such a high pressure that it is able to cut through items. Using water to cut items has the major advantage of being able to cut items that are difficult to do with traditional means, and that it allows for delicate items to be cut. Some common items that are cut with hydrojetting include grease, roots, and debris.

Hydrojetting Grease

One of the most common uses of hydrojetting is the removal of grease. This is because equipment used in food processing will tend to get a large amount of grease on it, and it will have to eventually be removed. The hydrojetting process is able to remove the grease without damaging the metal underneath it, and it is also able to clean parts of the equipment that are very difficult to reach. The hydrojetting process can even help to polish the machine, which is very useful is it is being refurbished for sale.

Hydrojetting Roots

The hydrojetting process is commonly used for the process of removing tree roots. This has the major advantage of allowing for the tree roots to be cut without having to fully expose the roots so they can be cut with a saw. Hydrojetting is also able to help to wash away some of the dirt, which means that the roots can be pulled free once they are cut.

Hydrojetting Debris

Plumber using hydrojetting to unclog a pipeFinally, hydrojetting is commonly used for the process of removing debris. Hydrojetting is able to cut up the debris into pieces that are small enough for them to be removed. Cutting up things like twisted pieces of metal with hydrojetting can even up to untangle them. Hydrojetting can even be used for things like cutting up concrete walls into pieces that are small enough for them to be safely pulled down. These advantages means that hydrojetting is a good thing for cleaning up twisted debris from a collapsed structure, or safely tearing down a building that is still standing.

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