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What To Look For When Hiring a Heating & Cooling Company

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When a person’s heating or air conditioning system stops working, there is usually a brief moment of panic and then it’s on to finding the right person to fix the problem. However, there are some things to consider before you hire a heating and cooling company out of the phone book or off of the internet. Starting with the basics such as their license, experience, and insurance that as a consumer should be researched and verified before giving out your phone number and address.


HVAC License

Unlike a regular business license provided by a city and state, the HVAC license is a specialty license that is only granted after certain criteria has been satisfied. While the criteria in each state is different the foundation of the license would being with proper training at a state accredited institution, a formal period of apprenticeship under a licensed contractor, passing a state approved exam and paying a fee. Additionally, for the different types of systems there are different types of licenses. For example, a license to work on a single family home’s HVAC system is not the same license to work on a high rise building. So ensure your hired HVAC contractor has a valid license through your state for the type of work they will be doing for you.

The Right Experience

HVAC ServicesJust as finding the right person with the right license is important, so is finding the person with the right experience to fix the problem the first time. While it is not that uncommon to find HVAC contractors with decades of experience, this is not the same as having the right experience. For instance a person with 30 years of refrigeration experience might not be the right choice for fixing a heating system in a commercial building and vice versa. Also, ensure your contractor has the most up to date experience necessary to perform the work. Just as many technologies have changed with cell phones, the technology in HVAC has also changed.


In any business there is a chance of things going wrong, and is the reason for having insurance. This can be true for HVAC contractors as well. A mistake in this industry could result in something minor like damaging the lawn to major such as burning down a house. Having liability insurance or being bonded will ensure that any mistakes or errors that cause damage to you or your property will be fixed, replaced or at least reimbursed. The level of bond or insurance required will differ in each state very similar to licensing. So find out what the bond or insurance requirements are for your state and ask for proof of that insurance prior to letting your HVAC contractor start the work.

By ensuring your HVAC contractor has the right license, the right experience, and the proper insurance will show your contractor you are serious about the quality you expect. It will also ensure that your HVAC system repair will go smoothly and may prevent you from having to call multiple contractors out for the same issue. Because when your air conditioning system breaks in the middle of summer, the last thing you would want is to not have it fixed right the first time.

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