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Preparing For Vacation

Planning a vacation and preparing for it is not only exciting, but can also be overwhelming. Whether you choose to remember everything or create a to-do list, don’t forget to prepare your water heater, air conditioner or furnace for your absence.

Preparing For Vacation To Do List


  1. Vacation Mode: If your water heater has vacation mode, you can use this setting to conserve energy while you are away. If you don’t have this mode, turn the temperature down to the lowest setting.
  2. Appliances: Turn off individual water supply valves for each of the following:
    • Washing machine
    • Dishwasher
    • Sinks
    • Refrigerator ice maker


  1. Thermostat: In the summer, set the temperature higher than your usual setting (85F is recommended). In the winter, set the thermostat 5 to 10 degrees lower than normal, but no lower than 55F.
  2. Surge Protector: Make sure that you have surge protectors installed to prevent damage if there is a power surge while you are away.
  3. Air Filter: Check your air filter and change it if necessary. A clean filter will make it easier to warm or cool your home when your return.

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