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Regular Maintenance Can Save You Money

Even with the year-round warm temperatures in the San Diego area (at least compared to the rest of the United States), there’s never a better time to do some upkeep on your air conditioning unit as cooler temperatures are coming around the corner. Heating and cooling specialists will be the first to tell you the wisdom in regular unit maintenance to ensure the longest life and most optimal efficiency out of your equipment. Whether you or a professional perform some checks and/or repairs and replacements as needed, the time spent will result in less chance that a costly and inconvenient emergency will come up when you least expect it.

What the Homeowner Should Do

Depending on how quickly your air conditioner’s air filters fill up with dust and other allergens, you’ll want to change them out or wipe them down at least every few months. Obstructed filters reduce clean airflow to your home, as well as minimize the efficiency of your entire unit. Your outside unit condenser should be inspected for leaves, branches, grass, and trash that have collected in its vicinity and built up dirt in the condenser coils or fins.

What the Professional Should Do

Professional cooling specialists can perform a variety of inspections (like optimal airflow) and small maintenance tasks based upon the cost you want to pay or the current condition of your unit. Some of these include ensuring the unit refrigerant is at the desired level, used refrigerant waste is properly (and legally) disposed of, and no leakage is occurring. A professional will also check your unit’s motors and other moving parts for sufficient lubrication, belts for the proper tension, and all connecting sections that should be fastened with sufficient tightness to maintain the longevity of your cooling system equipment.

Air conditioning professionals should also inspect your ductwork for cracks and/or leaks and seal them with best standard practices to increase the efficiency of the airflow into your home. Trash and dirt can also collect in your vents and ducts throughout the year, which should be removed at regular check-ups.

By regularly maintaining your unit and ductwork, you will not only lower the impact it has on your utility bill, but also extend the life of your unit equipment and achieve maximum efficiency as you continue to use your air conditioner into the fall.

If you are in San Diego or one of the surrounding towns and need inspection, maintenance, repair, or replacement of parts on your conditioning unit, the certified heating and cooling specialists at 1-800-anytyme are ready to answer any questions you have. Call us today at (760) 477-0072.

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