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Water Heater Isn’t Heating? Here Are Some Possible Causes

Family members sometimes forget the importance of the home’s comfort equipment until something goes wrong and the convenience it provides disappears. Nothing is more obviously missed from a home than hot water; we use it for everything from washing dishes to doing laundry, from taking showers to cooking. So, when your water heater stops delivering that hot water, it’s no surprise that you scramble to figure out what on your unit is breaking down. Water heaters are comprised of many parts, any of which can break at a moment’s notice and leave you inconvenienced. When the hot water stops flowing, there are some do-it-yourself checks you can perform, until the time you require the help of a professional plumbing specialist.

Check the Unit’s Thermostat

If it’s simply that your water is lukewarm or cooler (not at the temperature you think it should be set), checking the hot water heater’s thermostat will determine whether it might not be hard mineral buildup hindering the water from reaching the temperature you have set, assuming the thermostat has been set properly. You might need to drain and clean your tank if it’s overdue for maintenance. If it’s been flushed reasonably recently, it’s also recommended that you check the heater’s “dip tube” to ensure that it is still functioning as it should.

Check the Unit’s Pilot Light

The problem of no hot water has been known to occur merely because the pilot light wasn’t coming on. The instruction manual will advise you on how to relight the light if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

Check the Unit’s Heating Element

Many times, a broken heating element is the cause for lack of water, not enough hot water, or water that’s not hot enough. By following the proper procedure, most homeowners find they can replace their heating element on their own, once they’ve used a “continuity tester” and found that the element part has indeed gone bad. The parts are inexpensive to purchase and usually easy to switch out.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Sometimes simply switching the hot water heater’s accompanying circuit breaker off and back on is enough to reset the unit and get your water hot again.

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