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How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Spring

San Diego PlumberAll the talk about going green in recent years has many people looking for ways to conserve energy and keep our planet healthy.

Being environmentally friendly and living a green lifestyle can do more than just improve the world around you, it can also save you money.

Many energy saving tips will ultimately lower your heat, electricity and even water bills. Here are a few quick ways you can get started making your home more efficient this spring.

Keeping Your Home Cool

As temperatures rise this spring into summer, we all look for ways to keep our homes cooler. When running your air conditioning, be sure all doors and windows are tightly secured to avoid losing cool air to the outside.

You should also close blinds, drapes and curtains that face the sun during the warmest parts of the day. Your air conditioning will have to work much harder if it’s fighting the sun all day.

Lowering Your Heat & Electricity Costs

Green Energy with windmills

Be sure to use CFL or LED bulbs throughout your home. These are proven to reduce energy costs every month and you’ll start seeing these savings immediately.

Use timers and motion detecting fixtures for outdoor lighting, as they will save money by turning on only when needed. Unplug battery chargers and small appliances when they are not in use.

Some of these devices are drawing small amounts of power constantly, whether you are using them or not. Make sure your hot water pipes are not leaking, as these will drain both water and money over time.

You can also insulate those pipes to lower energy bills. Installing an energy efficient water heater or even a solar powered water heater will give you immediate savings over an older less efficient model.

Reducing Your Water Usage

Install aerating, low-flow faucets and shower-heads to reduce the amount of water waste.

Cutting your shower times in half and leaving the water off while brushing your teeth can save you gallons of water every day.

Be sure you are washing full loads in both your washing machine and dishwasher. This cuts down on the number of loads you’ll need to do, therefore use less water.

Simple tips like these will make your home more energy efficient, saving you money every single month. Why not start today?

Interested in going green? Call 1-800-anytyme at (760) 477-0072 to make your San Diego home more energy efficient today.


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