Why Pulling Permits Is Important

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Why Pulling Permits Is Important

Why Pulling Permits Is Important

Are you considering replacing or installing a water heater, air conditioner, or furnace? Did you know that these are just some of the appliances that need permits?

A permit may seem like something that isn’t important or that you can skip, but this step is very important. It ensures that the equipment is properly installed, working correctly, and operating safely. It also avoids the risk of being fined, jeopardizing your insurance coverage and rates, and lowering the resale value of your home.

The National Association of Realtors warns that not obtaining the proper permits may complicate or cancel the sale of your home. During the home inspection or appraisal process, homeowners may need to show that the proper permits are on file. If the lending bank learns that any remodeling work does not have a permit, it will most likely deny the loan.

In California, all buildiapproved pulling permitsng departments need a qualified third party to verify that the system is performing as designed. This may seem excessive but studies have shown that only 10% of all HVAC installations nationwide are done properly. Inspectors check for carbon monoxide hazards, electrical hazards, fire hazards and workmanship of the installation.

Licensed contractors must apply for permits and cannot delegate this responsibility to the homeowner. Contractors who fail to apply for permits are breaking the law.

Each local municipality governs the permits within their jurisdiction so check with your contractor and/or city to ensure that you have all the necessary required documents for your home.

If In Doubt

If you have any questions about your water heater, air conditioner, or furnace, 1-800-anytyme would be happy to assist you. Please contact us via our contact form or call (760) 477-0072 to speak with a member of our team today!

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