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new a/c

Jul 14 2020

What to Look For in a New A/C

What to Look For in a New A/C Buying a major appliance can be a daunting task. Even if you are familiar with your current unit, buying a new A/C can still be overwhelming. Below are some of the important factors to take into consideration. SEER Rating Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures air conditioner […]
1-800-anytyme AC Outdoor Unit

Jun 30 2020

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

The Benefits of Air Conditioning We’ve all had those nights where we tossed and turned for hours because it was too hot to fall asleep. Too many nights of poor sleep result in exhaustion, irritation, poor work or school performance, and many other undesirable consequences. Read on to find more benefits of air conditioning. Better […]
clogged toilet drain to clog

Jun 16 2020

What is causing my drain to clog?

What is causing my drain to clog? We’ve all been there. We are cooking, showering, brushing our teeth, or washing our hands and the water starts to drain slowly or not at all. Sometimes it’s an easy fix; other times you have to call a professional plumber. Here are some common causes for a drain […]
1-800-anytyme air conditioner ready for summer

Jun 2 2020

Is your A/C ready for summer?

Is your A/C ready for summer? Everyone is ready for summer! After the stress and anxiety of the first half of this year, we all want to relax a bit and enjoy the summer. Before you do that, make sure you prepare your air conditioner and give it a tune-up. Do this before summer hits […]
Clogged Drain

May 19 2020

Is It Safe To Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Is It Safe To Use Chemical Drain Cleaners? When you have a clogged drain your first instinct is to grab chemical drain cleaners. But is that actually what you should do? Pipe Corrosion There are many drain cleaners to choose from, each stronger than the next. But is there a point where these cleaners are […]

May 5 2020

Why is My Toilet Draining Slowly?

Why is My Toilet Draining Slowly? Toilets are the last thing that we think about when they are doing their job. But when they stop it is a major problem. Your toilet draining slowly can be one of these problems. Possible Culprits Partial Blockage: Something is stuck in the pipe. Use a good plunger and […]
Health & Comfort

Apr 28 2020

Your Health & Comfort Matter Most

COVID-19: Your Health & Comfort Matter Most We are living in uniquely challenging times. We know you are doing all you can to care for yourself and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential business, we are ready to assist homeowners like you across the country. If you find yourself needing immediate repairs, […]
Family at home

Apr 21 2020

A Healthy and Comfortable Home

How to Create a Comfortable, Multi-Tasking Home Environment We are living in difficult, stressful, and unprecedented times. The majority of people are working from home, schooling from home, and spending free time at home. Now more than ever it is important that your home environment is healthy and comfortable. A Multi-Tasking Environment In addition to […]
Replacing Home Air Filter

Apr 7 2020

Washable vs. Disposable Air Filters

Washable vs. Disposable Air Filters   WASHABLE DISPOSABLE $75 average $15 average Replace about every 5 years Replace every 30 to 90 days Wash and let dry before reinstalling Dispose and install new one Environmentally friendly Not environmentally friendly MERV ratings 1 – 4 MERV ratings 4 – 12 Capture under 75% of larger particles […]
kitchen sink

Mar 24 2020

Choosing The Right Kitchen Faucet

Choosing The Right Kitchen Faucet Whether you are looking to upgrade your kitchen faucet, need a refresh, or need a replacement, there are a few things to consider when shopping for a new one. Replacing with an exact match is simple, but a whole new style requires a bit of planning. Read on to find […]
1-800 Anytime Plumbing, heating, air

Mar 16 2020

Air & Surface Sanitizer – Protect Your Family

Air & Surface Sanitizer – Protect Your Family Families are staying home to protect themselves, stores have run out of hand sanitizer, face masks and gloves. There is, however, one air & surface sanitizer product that is even better than all of those combined: the Air Scrubber Plus. The Problem Schools are closed, workplaces are […]

Mar 10 2020

Homebuyer’s Plumbing Checklist

Homebuyer’s Plumbing Checklist Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will make. While it’s standard practice to hire a home inspector, most people don’t think to have a licensed contractor perform a plumbing inspection. Below are several important reasons why you shouldn’t skip this step and to add it to your […]

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